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Questions and ANSWERS on choosing and using the Make-in-No-Time Tasks Task Sets.

If you have a question not answered here, please contact us by telephone, email (page bottom) or at Contact INFO

These questions and answers are for parents and also for teachers using these autism materials and resources in the classroom.

Please see the TASK SETS, details and descriptions in the PDFs. Many questions asked by teachers regarding the materials and parent's questions are answered there. Also, the Home Page. Thank you. For our credentials and backgrounds, please see About Us...

Question?  What has to be assembled in each task kit?
Every task set requires velcro (velcro is supplied with each kit) to be applied, as well as lamination that is strongly recommended. Depending on the task kit, some cutting, hole punching, or gluing may be needed, but these are easy to do. Each task set has varied requirements. For some task sets, you need to supply a shoebox container or another easily obtainable container. Please see the descriptions on the Task Set page with each task.

Working a task setQuestion?  What age group do you recommend the tasks for?
 The tasks are not age-specific. They are designed to meet the individual needs of the students. Each set includes a variety of tasks at multiple skill levels. However, some of the sets such as colors, numbers, letters and shapes specifically address preschool to first grade content standards.

Question?  What children should NOT use these tasks?
Not recommended for those children under 3 years of age and those who put inedible materials in their mouths.

Question?  Who should purchase these task sets?
The task sets are intended for anyone who is looking for hands on activities that are motivational and fun to help students with autism, and other visual learners, learn new skills. Teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, parents, etc.

Question?  Are these task sets only for students having autism?
No, definitely not. The task sets are for non-traditional learners, visual learners, etc.

Sports autism task setQuestion?  Should I laminate the tasks? Is this really necessary?
Yes, we strongly recommend that you laminate your tasks. This will make them more durable and allow you to use them over and over.

Question? Is there a specific way I should apply the Velcro?
 The Velcro included in each set is intended to be used with the hard side down and the soft side on the moveable pieces.

Question? What skills are addressed in the autism task sets? And are there instructions?
 They are many and varied, depending on the individual set. Please see a listing of skills addressed in each task set by clicking on the PDF icon on the Task Set page. Step-by-step instructions for use are included and shipped with each task set. See the Task Set Page and the PDF description.

Question? Will you accept a purchase order from the school system where I teach?
 Yes. We get many orders from teachers ordering materials for their classroom and do business with many school systems. Please also see the Order INFO page.

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